Browse our range of School Erasers all of which are available with personalised logo designs. Contact us today for a quote on your next order of promotional erasers and see how we can help make your promotional Educational products really stand out from the competition.

Bendy Eraser with Glitter

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The Bendy Eraser with Glitter is a rainbow coloured eraser which can be twisted and bent into shapes. Dimensions: 300mm Print Area: 65 x 6mm  more info

Car Shaped Rubber Eraser Set

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The Car Shaped Rubber Eraser set is a collection of 12 assorted car shaped erasers supplied in a car shaped carry box. Box Case Dimensions: 72 x 32 x... more info

Children's Rubber Set

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The Children's Rubber set contains a set of 3 rubber erasers featuring your own custom logo's or designs. Dimensions: 38mm Print Area: 15 x... more info

Dinosaur Egg & Rubber Eraser Set

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The Dinosaur Egg & Rubber Eraser Set features 7 different dinosaur rubbers supplied in an egg shaped outer box. Egg Dimensions: 40 x 47mm Print... more info

Pencil Sharpener & Rubber

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Pencil Sharpener with integral rubber eraser and sharpening container. Dimensions: 41 x 60 x 23mm Print Area: 20 x 10mm  more info

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